Best ice hockey skates for wide feet
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Best Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

Hockey players often have difficulty finding the right ice hockey skates for wide feet. Simply slipping into poorly fitting skates just for playing is simply not right. It becomes hard to focus on the game and can even leave you with blisters and other injuries. 

Top 5 Ice Hockey Skates For Players With Wide Feet

To assist hockey players who struggle to find the correct boots, we have chosen to identify and evaluate some of the top hockey skates for broad feet. Covered are the sizing systems used to determine the appropriate size and fit, as well as its design, performance, benefits, and drawbacks.

Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

The Vapor and Supreme skates’ performance characteristics have been a focus for Bauer over the past few years, both in terms of on-ice sensation and overall performance. The numerous flex points, new materials, and cutting-edge technology of these wide hockey skates make them stand out from the crowd.

A skater who skates more than twice per week should use the Bauer Supreme M4 hockey skate. If you seek performance, a good fit, and comfort, this skate is for you.

What Are The Features of The Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates?

The Bauer Supreme M4 has a form fit+ footbed, an LS+ runner, a symmetrical flex facing, a felt tongue, and metatarsal protection. The combination of all the components results in excellent fit and performance on the ice.

The Supreme skates’ lower part is stiffer for better energy transmission because it was made with power in mind. The upper part is softer to allow for greater movement, though. The exposed metatarsal shield and the felt tongue offer stability and comfort in the critical regions of the foot.

The quarter package made of the skate’s 3D flex composite provides great support and thermoforming capabilities. The outsole is made of Digi Composite, which guarantees that the skate will maintain its decreased stiffness to produce power with each stride.

Bauer employs Aerofoam and a hydrophobic microfiber lining inside the skate to maximize comfort in the ankle area. Your foot will remain in place throughout the whole game thanks to memory foam and Fit+ technology in the footbed.

The Supreme M4 skates are a fantastic deal since they have excellent performance and protection features.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Great energy transfer.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Protects the ankles.
  • Great value for money.


  • None in particular

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates

Top skaters who compete four to five times per week might consider the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skate. This skate will help you perform at your best on the ice if you’re looking for a high-performing, lightweight option.

What Are The Features of The Bauer Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates?

For their Vapor skates, Bauer makes use of cutting-edge materials, technology, and flex points to assure superior performance. Vapor skates place an emphasis on speed and have more rigid top portions for improved lateral support as well as softer bottom sections for better responsiveness.

You may use whatever runner you choose with this skate. For a secure fit and support, it incorporates a foam tongue, a composite outsole, an asymmetrical toecap, Aerofoam padding, and an improved flex profile.

This skate also incorporates a kick point at the bottom, maximizing speed and agility. To improve the overall flex profile of the skate, the hyperflex technology combines facing and outsole innovations.

Flex zones have been inserted into the first four eyelets, which enhance the skate’s wrapping and increase stability. You may use the transition and acceleration zones of the blade to quickly and successfully land on your toes as a result.

In addition, the rear of the outsole is made out of a flexible substance. The front, however, has a unique structure due to the use of a hard composite material. You can improve energy transfer during the acceleration phase of each stride because of the stiff material.

The skate is made lighter thanks to the tongue’s Aerolite foam structure, which also provides great comfort, support, flexibility, and protection. Asymmetrical toecaps boost low-profile fit and push-off with each stride while reducing skate mass.

The skate is lighter thanks to the Aerofoam Pro cushioning. Fast and nimble players will find it intriguing since it offers the finest ankle and foot comfort. Choose from the variously packed Carbonlite, Pulse TI, and Pulse runners to get the one you like.

Thanks to a wonderful fusion of tried-and-true characteristics and cutting-edge technologies, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skate provides players with a pair of lightweight and flexible skates that help with flexibility and agility with every stride.


  • Excellent comfort, support, and protection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Better wrap and stability.
  • You can choose the runner you like.


  • Poor plastic lacing system.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

The Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skate is designed for skaters who want a skate that offers amazing performance, high comfort, and a great price. Both comfort and aesthetic appeal are advantages that the Bauer Vapor X3.7 enjoys. Bauer has made a technical investment in digital printing to raise its visual appeal.

What Are The Features of The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates?

Skates made by Vapor are 4% lighter. In order to provide the best comfort, support, flexibility, and feel, they also include a soft microfiber inside, foam ankle cushioning, and foam footbeds. The 3D-injected composite boot makes the boot 4% lighter than competing models on the market.

The interior of the boot has a microfiber lining and memory foam padding. The padding is positioned in the ankle area to ensure that your foot is snugly wrapped, while the lining ensures firm support and additional comfort throughout the game.

The boot’s insole provides support and a cozy feeling. The liner of the skate makes the two-piece tongue and top more flexible and comfortable. Blade durability is good with the Vapor X3.7 with the LS1 runner and Lightspeed EDGE holder.

In summary, the features of the Bauer Vapor X3.7 are remarkable. It gives you the comfort and flexibility you need, especially if you want to improve your performance.


  • Lightweight.
  • Great support and stability.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to swap blades.


  • Not suitable for skating daily.

CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Skates

If you’re a player looking for a skate with dependable performance and cutting-edge features, the CCM Jetspeed FT485 is the one for you. You may skate on it twice a week, and it is fairly reasonable. For simpler fitting and direct energy transmission, it includes a one-piece boot.

What Are The Features of The CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Skates?

For comfort and outstanding performance, the Jetspeed FT485 boasts a TotalDri lining, stainless steel runners, and a changeable tongue. The CCM Jetspeed FT485 provides a wide or standard fit according to your foot, allowing you a tighter fit, a more customized feel, and quicker strides.

The FT485 hockey skate provides players with acceleration, performance, and direct energy transfer thanks to its one-piece composite boot. Compared to the FT4 and FT4 Pro, it is lighter and has a lower stiffness index, but it still provides enough support.

The XS tongue, which is changeable, increases the bar for comfort and safety. This tongue system allows players to switch out the inserts because of the difference in thickness, allowing them to alter the boot’s volume for the best fit.

Regular 7mm, thick 10mm, and thin 4mm tongues are the options offered. The padding and lining anatomically wrap around the feet to shield them from abrasions and drain away moisture to keep them dry.

The footbed has 5% recycled rubber in it for maximum support and a lightweight feel. The runner and the holder offer a hard edge for extended performance.


  • Affordable.
  • Faster strides.
  • Great performance and comfort.
  • Ability to switch the tongue.
  • Lightweight.


  • Hard to break into.

TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Skates

The TF9 is for you if you want a best-in-class fit, are lightweight, and have performance advantages exclusive to TRUE Skates. 

What Are The Features of The True TF9 Ice Hockey Skates?

To keep you comfortable during the game, the TF9 Ice Hockey Skate boasts a thermoformable shell, an adjustable tongue system, a SHIFT holder, and a personalized fit system.

These thermoformable boots are made by TRUE with a one-piece shell that provides outstanding protection, gets rid of weak spots in high-impact zones, and delicately surrounds the toe box. The insole system may be altered to accommodate a variety of foot types, including those with high, medium, and low arches.

To provide a proper fit and an easy setup, the fit insert locations are marked on the insole. Because of the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial lining, your feet will always be dry. Moreover, the foam construction provides excellent support. The anatomical tongue is lightweight, robust, and curved, with a design that enhances comfort.

The T-Guard inserts prevent lace bites while providing the best level of impact resistance. The BenchChange technology included in the SHIFT holder makes blade changes quicker and simpler. The runner has a coated finish for better edge retention and is made of high-quality steel.


  • Provides anatomical fit.
  • Accommodates all types of feet with arch inserts.
  • It keeps your feet dry.
  • Provides superior protection.


  • Issues with sizing.
  • It takes time to get used to the stiffness of the boot.

Are Ice Skates The Same Size as Shoes?

Street shoes and ice skates come in different sizes. You must wear skates one to two sizes smaller than your typical shoe size.

What Are The Different Width Sizing For Ice Hockey Skates?

If the number is larger than 2.65, a normal width or D width should be fine. If it is much higher than 2.65, a width of C should be fine. Try a wide or E-width if the number is between 2.5 and 2.65. If the number is under 2.5, an EE or extra-wide width may be best.

  • C=narrow
  • D=standard
  • R=Wider than D
  • E=Wide
  • EE=widest (2 10th s of an inch in difference)

How Tight Should Hockey Skates Fit?

Hockey skates should fit snugly but not painfully. Your toes should barely touch the toe cap when the laces are off. Your heel should be tight while wearing completely laced skates so that your toes have some room at the tip.

Final Tips For Hockey Players With Wide Feet

You may perform better, concentrate better, and advance as a player by choosing the correct ice skates. You may perform to the best of your ability without feeling guilty since there is no pain to stop you. But keep in mind that getting the biggest hockey skates you can find is not the solution. There are other additional considerations to take into account.

You need a skate with the correct sizing, fit, and enough break-in time to perform well on the ice. Apart from sizing and fit, you must also consider speed, protection, comfort, and other features when shopping for ice hockey skates for wide feet.

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