Most Goals In NHL Game
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Who Scored The Most Goals In A Single NHL Game?

Ice hockey has impressive records, much like any other sport in the globe. Today, we’ll talk about a highly illustrious topic: Who scored the most goals in an NHL game?

Having said that, there are specific details about this subject that need to be covered in this essay. We will discuss various numbers, illustrious people, and records about the most goals scored in a single NHL game! Avoid missing it!

Who Scored The Most Goals In One NHL Game? 

The NHL has seen a number of incredible goal scores in its time, but none has scored as many goals in a game as Joe Malone.

Joe Malone, also nicknamed “Phantom”, has the record for scoring the most goals in a single NHL game. He held this record on January 31, 1920, when his team, the Quebec Bulldogs went head-to-head with the Toronto St Patrick.

During the course of the game, Malone netted seven goals, leading the Bulldogs to a 10-6 win over the St. Patricks.

The total number of goals scored by Malone was actually eight; however, the final goal was counted as an offside, thereby making it void.

Most Goals In NHL Game

Who Was Joe Malone? 

Early on in the National Hockey League’s existence, Joe Malone was among the league’s top scorers. Malone, a Quebec native, participated in hockey for the Montreal Canadiens and Quebec Bulldogs. In 1950, the Hockey Hall of Fame accepted him as a member.

After the NHA disbanded in 1917, Joe was one of the Quebec-born players who was distributed among the NHL teams. As previously indicated, the Montreal Canadiens were responsible for acquiring him.

When the Québec Bulldogs entered the NHL later in 1919, he rejoined his old team. Although he only spent one season there, it was in the Bulldogs’ colors that he set the most important career record of his career—7 goals in a single NHL game.

It gets better, don’t you think? In addition to scoring the most goals in a single game, he is the only player to have done it in five different games. That is exceedingly uncommon, to put it mildly.

Since he was at the height of his abilities more than a century ago, no one has come close to matching his accomplishments, and we don’t expect anyone to anytime soon.

Why Players Don’t Score More In One Game Now? 

While comparing the NHL of the 20th century to the NHL of the 21st century, there are differences to be seen.

Back then, a lot of players and teams scored a lot of goals. Also, scoring was done far more often than it is now.

There are numerous potential causes. Yet, like any other sport in the globe, ice hockey has developed, the strategies have changed, and advancements in technology have contributed.

Goalies are effective, and game customs have altered as forwards participate in team defense rather than focusing just on scoring goals. And a lot of other things that affect us all.

As a result, the NHL’s goal-scoring trends have changed less than they did throughout the previous century.

That could be another factor keeping Joe Malone’s record of seven goals in a single NHL game alive after 102 years.

Who Scored The Most Goals In One Game In The Last 22 Years? 

We are not attempting to imply that ice hockey is no longer exciting and action-packed. It still is as each stage of a sport’s history has its own allure. In this section, we’ll talk about a recent NHL game’s heroic goal-scoring performance.

Although many NHL players have scored six goals in a single game. Remarkably, no one in the twenty-first century has achieved a score higher than 5.

These five players are the only ones to have five goals in an NHL game in the last 22 years, according to our study!

Players’ NamesGoals ScoredDate
Marian Gaborik520/12/2007
Johan Franzen502/02/2011
Patrick Laine524/11/2018
Mika Zibanejad505/03/2020
Timo Meier517/01/2022
Most Goals Scored In Single NHL Game in 21st Century

Who Scored The Most Goals In One NHL Season?

since today’s topic has been the majority of goals scored in a game. Why not also look at the most goals scored in a single NHL season?

As a result, the player who holds this record has a unique name similar to Joe Malone in the world of ice hockey. However, in this category, Wayne Gretzky takes the lead.

Most Goals In NHL Game

His record hasn’t been broken in actuality since 1984. Gretzky has the top two positions in this aspect as well. This is how:

  • Gretzky finished the 1981–82 season with 92 goals. The NHL has never had a score higher than that.
  • Gretzky once again excelled and set a record in the 1983–84 campaign. He finished the season with 87 goals. His previous record was 5 less. But up until today, nobody has been able to outperform even this season’s total!

Want to learn more about Wayne Gretzky’s legend? On him, we have a thorough article. See it here!

Top 5 Players Who Scored The Most Goals In NHL Games: 

In relation to the subject at hand, Joe Malone might be the most well-known name. He holds the single-year record for the most goals scored in an NHL game.

Yet Ice Hockey has come a long way since then. There are others who came close to surpassing Joe’s illustrious record during this extended and protracted period of time.

We feel that, out of respect, it is very necessary to mention these names here. Below are the other three players who, according to, have scored the most goals in a single NHL game, excluding Joe Malone.

Players’ NamesGoals ScoredDate
Joe Malone731/01/1920
Newsy Lalonde610/01/1920
Joe Malone610/03/1920
Corb Denneny626/01/1921
Syd Howe607/03/1921
Most Goals Scored In Single NHL Game (Since 1917)

Closing Sentences: 

Legends and records abound in professional ice hockey’s past. One player has scored goals more frequently than any other, making it one of the sport’s most astounding feats. Who in an NHL game had the most goals scored? We’ve provided a thorough response to this query, along with more insightful details.

Although we detest saying goodbye, we must. You can find a ton of beautiful articles like this one in our department on ice hockey, so you won’t miss us until the next time!

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