Real Content, By Real People.

It all starts with why.

Our why

We are tired of seeing content which looks and feels the same. Whenever we looked up reviews, they are mostly bland, one-sided and not informative enough to make a good judgment. That is why Cleats Hub was born!

How is Cleats Hub Different?

This is a fair question. It is different as we have put together a process where quality content is a given.

A custom-built platform created specifically for better review experience, further assures that the content provided is accurate and as best as it can be.

We are constantly updating our databases and ensuring that what we’re posting is correct. Having quality reviews, from both expert and regular users, gives assurance to everyone.

Who Are Cleats Hub?

We are a big, diversified team, all with different expertise. We run another platform, focused on a different side of sports.

We have garnered years of on-the-ground experience, which allows us to provide you with the best possible content.

Having said that, we are still learning and growing, hence we would highly appreciate your feedback and reviews.

Show up or shut up! We consistently strive to give you, the user, quality content with backed-up data, from reliable and authentic sources.

Our Databases are always being updated with the latest available info. We really take athlete performance to heart, so its of utmost importance that we make sure that footwear performance is king!

Through our up-to-date database, we’re able to gather and process a lot of info, extracted from legitimate sources. In turn, this would give you the option to filter through what performance metric matters most to you.

We go through the available footwear reviews of real experts all across the internet. Based upon their judgment, we can then analyse and produce a fair product review.

Any user can sign up and give their honest experience with the sports footwear. This gives a platform for different players with different foot types to give their opinions.

We aim to diversify across multiple sports/disciplines, to provide top-end data towards fellow athletes. Aiming high for optimal results, and more importantly a seamless user experience.

Who are the founders?

For the Love of Sports!

More on Field Insider

Field Insider is an all-sport platform covering a vast array of topics surrounding soccer, basketball and so much more! In the blogs, we take a dive deep in analysing all content within the respective sport/discipline.

Being the sport fanatics that we are, we opted to write about what we love and share it with the rest of the world. And what better way to do it, than through Field Insider!

So why build and create Cleats Hub?

Quite simple really. We did not want to merge two different concepts. It would’ve been easier for us to add all content to Field Insider, but we believed that a dedicated platform was really needed. 

Our mission is to bring the best possible sports footwear content, and make it easily accessible for all. Cleats Hub was created with the athlete in mind, alas not forgetting the everyday sports fan.