How Reviews Work

From Research to Expert Reviews.


Quality is king. Reviews are tailored, researched & tested.


We make sure that the research is as focused as possible.

Expert Reviews

We got to trusted resources to gather as much honest & real data.


Our tailor made platform makes it easy to navigate and understand.

The Big Database.

What is the process behind the big database?

Apart of testing some of the cleats ourselves; we gather the data from professionals in the industry. It ranges from researching by reading & watching footage – to asking experts directly.

The experts range from athletes to tailored sport youtubers. The experts are known to have gathered professional data through their experience & garnered a high esteem for honest reviews.

Everyone has a different experience with every cleat. Our range of feet and complexities, add up to different feel and performance. My experience might vary to yours; however, by collecting enough data a median and solid assumptions could be made.

They are calculated by taking complex averages. This average is calculated instantly.

No, not all reviews are excepted. The reviews need to be detailed and informative for the users to make an educated decision. Thus, why not all reviews are to be accepted – a certain threshold is to be reached.

The platform is made in a way to calculate dynamic data. All the data is tailored to fit the user/athlete. We strive for performance. Such a huge data driven platform makes this database one of a kind.

About Us?​

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