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What Are The Best CCM Skates?

As a newbie or a pro skater, you must have once wondered, “what are the best CCM Skates money can buy?” No doubt CCM is a household name for everything Ice Hockey. As one of the leading producers today, CCM provides skates and sticks to professional athletes worldwide. This includes several of the best in the NHL.

CCM originated in Ontario, Canada, in 1899. After their bicycle company failed, they became interested in hockey. Consequently, they began making hockey skates out of leftover scrap steel from the production of bicycles.

Comparison Between The Three Lines Of CCM Ice Hockey Skates

The skates fit is the clear differentiation between the Jetspeed, Ribcor, and Tacks skate families. Each line suits a different type of feet and style of play. The models have a few more subtle differences than small, medium, and big ones.

Also, each skate line in the CCM lineup offers models at every price range, from entry-level to high-end, with various options.


The Jetspeed line, according to CCM, features a “tapered” fit. It is a medium-volume skate for athletes with average toe, forefoot, instep, and heel measurements. The Jetspeed is similar to Bauer’s Supreme skate. They are somewhat snugger than the preceding RBZ generation hockey skates. This is because they are tighter at the heel and narrower at the forefoot.

Therefore, they’re virtually a hybrid, medium-to-narrow fitting skate. But in terms of fit and feel, they still lie between the Ribcor and Tacks lines.

The high-end FT2 skate comes with CCM’s Liteframe 360 Evo technology. It has a brand-new one-piece frame created without an outsole, stitching, or glue in the key energy transfer zones. It is extremely stiff for the player seeking explosive power and is lightweight.


Among the skate families offered by CCM, Ribcor skates are the track shoes. The fit of the Ribcor, a low-volume skate similar to Bauer’s Vapor, is described by CCM as “flexible.” The Ribcor is made for skaters with a smaller forefoot, instep, heel size, and a narrower toe. In essence, it is for smaller feet.

This is CCM’s most versatile skate with the most flexible boot, especially in the top-of-the-line 80K model. According to CCM, it is adjustable to fit any foot size. The Ribcor pump, a technology that CCM has abandoned, was originally used to accomplish this versatility.

This skate is particularly for agile skaters. The premium 80K Ribcor comes with FlexFrame technology and CCM’s 3D-lasted composite quarter package boot design. The high-end Ribcor is made for the team’s speed demons, who are used to leaving defenders in their cold wake.


According to CCM, the Tacks skate series provides an anatomical fit. This is their greater volume hockey skate, similar to Bauer’s Nexus skate in terms of volume. It is a hybrid medium-to-high volume skate with an anatomical heel and a broader forefoot. The Tacks should fit comfortably for skaters with medium to large-sized toe, forefoot, instep, and heel proportions.

The top-end Super Tacks AS3 Pro is a one-piece skate as well. It has CCM’s MonoFrame 360° technology, which wraps around and under the foot for optimum foot-to-skate contact and energy transmission. The whole Tacks range of CCM’s “all-around” skates is excellent for two-way players seeking incredible reaction and mobility.

What Are The Top 5 CCM Skates in 2022?

For CCM, the days of using scrap steel are over. Today’s CCM skates have amazing innovations to help you improve your game. Although various skate alternatives are available, CCM’s hockey skates have consistently shown their worth. To help you select the skate that is ideal for you, we’ve put together this list of the best CCM hockey skates for 2022.

CCM JetSpeed FT460

We begin with the CCM JetSpeed FT460. Although not quite an entry-level hockey skate, the JetSpeed FT460 is relatively reasonable for beginners. The FT460 performance makes it a recommendable skate for serious skaters buying on a budget.

The JetSpeed FT460 provides hockey players with a comfortable and lightweight skate. Players can trust these boots when playing at full speed on the ice. It has an anatomical response footbed lining for better moisture-wicking breathability and an ergonomic boot for more tough durability.


The CCM AS3 Pro gives you top speed. The AS3 Pro is one of the most well-liked CCM hockey skates available. It is expertly made with an anatomical form-fitting support liner for long-lasting comfort. A more effective energy transfer is made possible by the boot’s form-fitting, 360-degree fit across the forefoot, heel, and ankle. This results in increased speed and agility.

The SpeedBlade XS holder provides exceptional and efficient edge work. The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Skates build on that by utilizing CCM’s one-piece “Monoframe” quarter kit. This one-piece design, which is made of very lightweight and long-lasting carbon composite material, is the pinnacle of pure performance.

Heat maps also reveal that this design causes players’ feet to sit 34% closer to the holder and utilize a greater portion of the skatebed. This setup allows for better energy transmission from the skating stride to the feet and then to the ice.

CCM Ribcor 80K

We have the CCM Ribcor 80K at number three in our ranking. Among the market’s most liked CCM hockey skates is the Ribcor 80K. The boots come with a TotalDri Pro+ liner for a premium feel. Also, it has a 3-D-lasting composite FlexFrame boot for great performance.

Made for fast and rigid hockey players, the RibCor 80K is the highlight of CCM’s RibCor series. In essence, the skate has a tight, upscale feel thanks to its tapered shape and incredibly breathable lining.

CCM JetSpeed FT2

The CCM’s JetSpeed FT2 is next on our list. It features high-quality construction that offers the stability and performance required to be a powerful skater. Simply said, the TotalDri Pro+ liner feels wonderful on your foot. It offers excellent fit throughout the skate as well as excellent ankle support.

The interior cushioning of the FT2 promotes stability. In essence, it helps to maintain the smoothness of your movement. This skate can survive some of the worst circumstances professional hockey players see in their line of work, all on top of a sturdy SpeedBlade XS holder.

CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro

The CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro completes our ranking. The brand-new, premium CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Hockey Skates feature will help you skate more effectively. Now you can maximize each step with a design centered on speed and agility.

The boot of the FT4 Pro is outstanding, with blades made of black steel with a carbon coating. It also has sharp, durable edges and is engineered to maximize energy transfer with each stride. This provides you with greater speed and performance.

The FT4 will give you that crucial advantage over your rivals on the ice. It is made of lightweight composite outsoles that have been precisely built to deliver the highest energy return possible while maintaining foot balance.


We have discussed some of the top hockey skates currently available. However, it comes down to picking the model that fits you comfortably. Your skates are the most important piece of equipment you play with. It directly impacts your ability to be effective and dominant on the ice. Finally, choose a pair of skates that best suits your playing style to keep you comfortable and agile.

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