Top 10 Bauer Ice Hockey Skates
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Top 10 Bauer Ice Hockey Skates

Are you looking for the right ice hockey skates to take your game to the next level? Or do you just need a pair for weekend pick-up games? Our guide will provide an overview of the top 10 Bauer Ice Hockey Skates available today.

Bauer Supreme Mach Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme Mach Senior Ice Hockey Skate was developed for the most powerful athletes in the game. It aims to give you power on a whole new level with its most sophisticated Supreme skate yet produced.

The 3D lasting curve composite quarter package with a 12K curve composite boot has an ultra-lightweight construction. It is Bauer’s most thermoformable boot, allowing you to get the best fit imaginable for your foot shape.

The AMP (active motion performance) skate flex innovation provides additional forward flex in the top region of the skate. This flex helps you to push harder and transmit more energy to your stride each time you push off. The Powercoil tongue has a higher recoil speed that helps you burst into each stride. This gives you maximum flex and performance every time you skate.

Also, the Lock Fit Pro liner design keeps your feet locked into place and quickly wicks away sweat. It provides you with the ultimate feel and control while on the ice. Customize your skates with your runner options; choose the skate with your desired performance level and finish.

Key Features:

  • 12K composite quarter package with 3D lasted curve
  • Lock Fit Pro liner with Powercoil tongue
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holders
  • Choose your favorite runners: Pulse TI, Carbonlite, or Pulse
The best Bauer skates in the market

Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Ice Hockey Skates

These boots are made of Bauer’s 3-D-lasting Carbon Curv Composite material and Comfort Edge cushion inside. The quarter package is created using Bauer’s Injected flex technology. It fits the natural curve of your foot, improving overall performance and comfort.

The X-Rib design rear of the skates helps keep the heel in position for faster crossovers and tighter spins. This design delivers a familiar tight, close-to-the-foot sensation. A traditional pro stock 48oz felt tongue with injected inserts gives skaters an increased forward flex. This feature provides more range of motion during skating steps.

The asymmetrical toe cap and box improve your push-off power and top-end speed. The lock-fit footbed on Bauer’s Hydrolite lining keeps players’ feet dry and comfortable. This way, your feet are locked in place when skating.

Bauer’s tried-and-true LightSpeed EDGE holders are three millimeters taller than older model LightSpeed holders. It allows players to get lower on their turns.

Key Features:

  • Aerofoam+ memory foam pads
  • 3-D lasting Carbon Curv Composite quarter bundle
  • The new toe cap and box are a touch shorter in height and longer in length

Bauer Vapor X3.5 Ice Hockey Skates

The Vapor X3.5 skates are a terrific alternative for any recreational player. It comes with a 3-D Polycarb quarter package that gives increased comfort and flex. Also, it allows the boot to mold to the natural contour of the player’s foot.

Bauer’s 40-ounce felt tongue with metatarsal protection provides an extremely comfortable and safe fit and feel. The microfiber inside drains moisture away from the player’s feet, keeping them dry and comfortable.

Memory foam ankle pads provide exceptional thermoformability, comfort, durability, and a better fit. When used with stainless steel runners, Bauer’s LightSpeed PRO II holders are very robust and lightweight. This extends the life of skate sharpenings.

Key Features:

  • Key characteristics include:3D  Polycarb quarter construction
  • felt tongue (40 ounces) with metatarsal guards
  • Memory foam padding in the boot’s ankles
  • LightSpeed PRO 2 holders with stainless steel runners

Bauer Supreme M1 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Hockey, always pushing the limits with their skates, produced the new 2022 Supreme skate. The new Bauer Supreme M1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates are designed as the Supreme family’s leisure skates. It provides maximum comfort so you can focus on developing your stride.

Bauer employs a 3D poly-carb quarter package that is more flexible and relaxed in fit. Right out of the box, the softer footwear makes recreational skating a breeze. The Supreme M1 skates have a conventional symmetrical facing flex. It allows players to find comfort in the boot and readily flex to find their stride without being overly stiff.

The standard 30oz felt tongue with a mesh insert is a tried and reliable felt tongue that will make recreational skaters more comfortable. The microfiber liner is meant to keep your feet in position while swiftly wicking away sweat, giving you a terrific feel and control on the ice.

Key Features:

  • Standard symmetrical facing flex for comfort
  • Classic 30oz felt tongue
  • Microfiber liner quickly wicks away sweat
  • TUUK LS Pro II holder

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite

Bauer incorporated a thermoforming inset into the tongue of the Vapor Hyperlite, which creates a snug fit with comfortable forward flex. The new AeroFoam Pro Liner by Bauer keeps your foot dry and locked in place the entire game reducing in-boot movement and increasing energy transfer.

Asymmetrical Fit gives it a redesigned feel that helps to mimic the natural ankle position for better support without increased stiffness. The 3D Carbon Curv Composite technology from Bauers OD1N performance lab provides exceptional ankle and heel support for better comfort and performance.  

Key Features:

  • Lock-Fit Pro Liner and Flex-Lock Pro Tongue for a perfectly molded fit
  • Curv Composite material and X-rib support for paramount protection
  • Speed Plate for increased Agility 

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is a highly advanced carbon fiber boot that maximizes energy transfer with every stride. It comes with a new blade with a titanium coating for the ultimate sharpness and edge holding. The Ultrasonic blade was designed specifically for speed, and Bauer has found four zones where the blades may be adjusted to a skater’s stride.

The Ultrasonic is Bauer’s most supportive boot, tougher than others, and provides great energy transfer into your stride. From front to back, Bauer’s Quad zone blade features a toe zone, transition zone, speed zone, and heel zone. They customize these zones to the skate’s objective, which is top speed for the Ultrasonic.

It has stiffness-varying inserts, so you may have the precise amount of resistance you want in every step. The firmer the insert, the greater the energy return.

Key Features:

  • 3D Lasted Carbon Construction 
  • Tuuk LS Pulse TI with Quad Profile
  • Reflex Pro Tongue

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

The redesigned Bauer Vapor 2X Pro helps to mimic the natural ankle position for better support without increased stiffness. The Dual-Injected tongue increases flexibility and helps you gain a low, long skating stride. Carried over from the 1X, the Lock-Fit Pro Liner system by Bauer keeps your foot dry and locked in place the entire game.

Bauer’s fitment system used in the Vapor 2X Pro works to give you excellent fitment and the best energy transfer on the market. The DYNAFLEX system uses a unique foot wrap liner, a snug toe cap, and the recoil pro tongue to maximize energy transfer.

Its new interior liner and padding system are designed to give you a custom feeling fit inside your skate. The 2X Pro comes with Bauer’s Lightspeed EDGE holder for hot swapping blades in case you lose an edge and also features their carbon black LS5 runner for the ultimate in-edge life.

Key Features:

  • Recoil Pro Tongue
  • Lock-Fit Pro Liner
  • DYNAFLEX for maximized energy transfer
  • Asymmetrical Fit
  • Aero Foam Padding
Best Bauer skates for beginners

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro

For the Supreme 3S Pro, Bauer has gone to a three-piece, lightweight felt tongue. It comes with an injected metatarsal guard for added protection. The LockFit system keeps your feet dry by wicking moisture off your feet. This helps you stay locked in the boot all game long. One step down from the top-of-the-line Carbon Composite, the non-carbon boot is still very lightweight and stiff. This helps to put all your power to the ground. 

With its anatomical design, Bauer allows the skate to adapt to each player’s game and desired range of motion. This cutting-edge technology allows you to experiment with different degrees of tongue and tendon guard flex. This way, you can find the exact flex that offers you the finest touch and ideal tongue flexion.

You might not believe the LockFit liner would enhance your game until you try it, but it will keep your foot dry and cool throughout the game, with perspiration draining as you warm up. This keeps your foot locked in and keeps it from moving around after a few periods. Now you can easily burn that defenseman and bar down in the third.

You get more forward flex with Bauer’s injected stability lacing system without losing the stability of the foot in the skate. The lace-locking eyelets give you the perfect feel when you lace up your skates and take the ice every time. 

Key Features:

  • Reflex Tongue
  • LockFit Liner
  • 3D Curv Composite Boot
  • Flexible Fit
  • LockFit liner for intense cooling

Bauer Vapor X3.7

The soft, moisture-wicking liner of the Bauer Vapor X3.7 does a great job of keeping your foot dry. It features the Lightspeed Edge holder, which allows you to change your blade in a matter of seconds. It also enables skaters to get lower to the ice for sharper turns.

The 3D Injected Composite Outsole provides increased structural support and improves heel and ankle lock. Bauer made sure to include 3D Composite to balance lateral support and forward flexibility. The 40 oz Tongue is a two-piece design that supports you while being very comfortable.

The Bauer Vapor X3.7 is a very versatile hockey skate. It provides superior acceleration with its anatomical design and fit for players. This Bauer model is everything a hockey player might want in a protected, well-fitting skate since it addresses many of their worries.

Key Features:

  • MicroFiber Liner
  • Tuuk Lightspeed EDGE
  • 3D Injected Composite Outsole for increased balance and comfort
  • 40 oz Tongue

Bauer X-LS

The Bauer X-LS has a soft, moisture-wicking liner that does a great job keeping your foot dry. The larger than normal radius of the X-LS runner makes it easy to balance on for newer, less stable skaters. It comes with a standard lacing system that will lock your foot in place.

The X-LS isn’t designed for those working to make the next best team, so comfort is important. This hockey skate is designed to be easy to skate and balance on. Bauer has put a larger-than-normal Stainless Steel runner on to help out.

Key Features:

  • MicroFiber Liner
  • Large Radius Stainless Steel Runner
  • Traditional Lacing System

We made our top 10 list by evaluating comfort, fit, and style. Remember, the best skate for you should provide comfort and performance tailored to your game. 

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