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Which Ice Hockey Skates Are Best For Toddlers?

When you search for the finest youth hockey skates on the internet, the majority of the results are reviews and specs of the top models for kids.

Children who have been skating for some time may find these findings to be of great use. However, these results seldom help parents who want to get hockey skates for their young children who are complete beginners.

Toddler ice skates are crucial since they can be the very first pair of skates your child tries on. These skates need to be more flexible than a junior or senior skate as they cater to toddlers. Youngsters need a little bit of a softer fit instead of that hard boot for power transmission!

In general, parents want to know where to find the best hockey skates and how much it will cost them to acquire them for their children. You may choose the right skates for your youngster with the assistance we will be giving from this guide.

Should You Buy Used or New Skates For Your Toddler?

Parents who are apprehensive about spending money on brand-new ice hockey skates for their kids are sometimes tempted to purchase old skates. The following problems are typically present in used skates:

  • Corroded blades,
  • Wear-and-tear-related creases at the ankle,
  • Outdated padding,
  • The boots are flexed to fit the previous wearer’s foot
  • Worn-out, slack laces

Old skates should only be purchased by recreational skaters who won’t use them more than a few times a year. For toddlers wishing to take a skating lesson or master a new ability, you should avoid buying old skates. Your youngster may become injured or learn inappropriate techniques if you do this.

Top 5 Ice Hockey Skates For Kids

Children’s ice skates have comparable construction to adult ice skates in terms of fit, comfort, and functionality. Nonetheless, they also exhibit a few unique qualities. These could make you ponder if it’s a good idea. For your satisfaction, we have put together some of the best ice hockey skates for your young child based on our recommendations.

Best Hockey Skates For Toddlers

Bauer Lil Champ Ice Hockey Skates

The best beginner ice skates currently available are these Bauer models. They are available in the tiniest sizes and offer the optimum support and comfort for a youngster just learning to walk on the ice. These skates are suitable for children as young as 18 months.

These not only have a robust appearance but also offer superb ankle support. Since they feature buckle closures, these skates are easy to put on and take off. The padded tongue and the inner bootie make them extremely comfortable for babies’ sensitive feet.

These skates, like the majority of beginner-level ice skates, are unsuited for somewhat more experienced skaters due to their inherent structural limitations.


  • Affordable
  • Single-piece design with a fixed blade
  • Suitable for extended practice sessions
  • These are simple to put on and take off, thanks to the buckle.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • The buckle automatically releases

Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skate

These ice skates are comfortable to wear on your feet since they are light, have plush padding, and have a warm woven interior. Due to their comfort, beginners are more inclined to use these skates. The clasp on these skates allows them to fit the foot securely. The aesthetics of these skates are part of the features that make them very intriguing.

The fundamental reason for these skates’ immense appeal, though, is their customizable nature. As the skates can be stretched to accommodate four full sizes and last a lot longer than many other ice skates, they are still very inexpensive.

The same adjustable feature, meanwhile, might result in an improper blade-length to boot ratio, which could affect performance.


  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes
  • Super comfortable
  • Quick buckle closure
  • Moderately priced


  • Improper blade length to foot ratio
  • Features and Review

Jackson Ultima Softec Vibe

The Vibe is a noteworthy item from the Jackson Ultima series. They are the ideal ice skates for young children to learn. They enable size changes with a straightforward lever movement. These toddler ice skates include a durable nylon top and a high-quality nickel blade to withstand repeated usage.

Thanks to the soft padding in the boot, supported by an external skeletal skeleton, these ice skates are also very comfy. They are among the best ice skates for beginners and offer decent ankle support and customizable functions.

The only thing that might have been improved is the quality of the lever, which could break if not handled carefully.


  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Provide excellent ankle support


  • Delicate lever
  • Features and Review

Riedell Skates – 615 Soar Jr

These kids’ ice skates are among the best ones on the market in terms of build quality, aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ease of use. The ankle support on these figure skates is perfect for promoting good posture.

The lining and boot cushioning keep the feet warm, dry, and comfortable while supporting the ankle. The PVC boot requires no maintenance. The sturdy tongue structure maintains the foot’s snug fit.

Amazingly, the junior sizes—those for toddlers—have Velcro straps rather than traditional laces. So, putting on and taking off these skates is simple. The flexible blade that is being given is ideal for young children who are trying to get better at figure skating.


  • Exceptional ankle support
  • Comfortable
  • A speedy Velcro closure (in toddler sizes)
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Colorful design
  • Brand: Riedell (one of the top figure skating brands)


  • None

Jackson Ultima Finesse Skate Toddler Figure Skates   

In terms of build quality, design, functionality, and ease of use, these are some of the best children’s ice skates on the market. The ankle support on these figure skates is excellent for facilitating proper motions.

Ankle support is provided by the padding of the boot and the foam-backed lining, which keeps the feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Maintenance is not required for the PVC boot. The strong tongue structure keeps the feet securely fastened.

It’s incredible that the junior sizes—toddler sizes—come with Velcro straps rather than traditional laces. Thus, it is simple to put on and take off these skates. The flexible blade that is being given is ideal for young people trying to develop their figure skating skills.


  • Great ankle support
  • Great quality blade
  • Moderately priced
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Weak lacing hooks
  • Features and Review

Difference Between Hockey Skates and Figure Skates For Toddlers

Hockey skates and figure skates are the two main categories of ice skates. What kind of ice hockey skates you choose for kids who just starting to skate makes no difference. However, the following recommendations:

Difference Between Ice Hockey Skates And Figure Skates


Because of the thicker blade and toe pick on a figure skate, it is simpler. Hockey skates’ shorter blades and rockers may make balance more difficult.

Protection and Comfort 

Although heavier, ice hockey boots are stronger and offer superior protection from falls and collisions. The wooden heel of the figure skating boot makes them lighter and more comfortable.

Type of Movement 

Hockey skates are made for rapid movement, sharp turns, and quick stops, but figure skates are made for spins and leaps.

Are Double-Blade Ice Skates For Toddlers a Good Idea?

Using double-bladed toddler ice skates is a terrific way to get your child interested in skating. The operation of two-bladed ice skates is comparable to that of a bicycle’s safety wheels.

Some of the advantages portrayed by the twin-bladed toddler ice skates’ larger surface area are:

  • It makes balancing much easier.
  • Ensures the development of proper skating technique
  • Builds confidence
  • It makes skating fun for toddlers

So, during their first encounter, some kids could be less frightened. They do, however, postpone learning appropriate methods.

Should You Choose Adjustable Ice Skates?

Because toddlers’ feet are always developing, many parents worry that they will need to continually buy new children’s ice skates. As adjustable ice skates provide the following benefits, this issue may be remedied by employing them:

  • They last longer
  • They tend to be more cost-effective
  • They can be altered to fit a toddler’s developing feet.

However, ensure the adjustable ice skates you intend to buy do not suffer from:

  • Improper blade-to-foot ratio
  • Lack of enough ankle support

Final Tips To Remember When Buying Kids’ Hockey Skates 

If your youngster is just beginning out, there is no need to purchase high-end items. Athletes who have mastered every motion profit from the use of lightweight, stiff materials in elite skates, which improve energy transfer while skating.

Stiffer skates wouldn’t provide much in the way of advantages, and they would also be more uncomfortable for beginners still getting the hang of skating. Also, because beginning skates lack the high-end versions’ precise materials and design, they are far less expensive.

Don’t worry; upgrading to a more sophisticated pair of skates is simple when children become such proficient skaters that their entry-level equipment begins to hold them back. A pair of kid hockey skates typically costs between $50 and $200. Yet, it’s possible to often find a pair on sale or on clearance.

A loose fit that can hinder skating and lead to blisters or other issues arises from buying skates in a size larger than your youngster needs to “grow into”. Also, your child may not enjoy the game as much as they might if they are wearing uncomfortable skates.

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