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CCM vs. Bauer Ice Hockey Skates

Which Brand Is Better?

So, the most important piece of gear a hockey player wears, a new pair of hockey skates, has caught your eye. And now, you’re wondering which brand is best for you, Bauer vs. CCM. These are the two biggest and most well-known brands in the hockey industry, and they each have special features to offer.

Hockey skate technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and instead of the traditional boot cut fit, modern skates now offer anatomical fits to your foot. The high-quality options from CCM and Bauer are fantastic; neither skate will let you down on the ice.

Most NHL players prefer Bauer hockey skates, and the Bauer Vapor 2X was the skate champion of the 2021–2022 season because certain players fell in love with it when it first came out and won’t swap.

What is The Difference Between Bauer vs. CCM Skates Sizing?

Bauer Skates Sizing Guide

Properly fitting gear is the most important thing to consider when purchasing ice hockey skates. Improperly fitted skating gear can expose you to injury. The best way to purchase hockey equipment is to try the equipment on. 

The Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus skate lines from Bauer hockey skates each represent a distinct skate fit category.

  • Bauer Vapor — Low Volume
  • Bauer Supreme — Medium Volume
  • Bauer Nexus — High Volume

More significantly, they provide D and EE widths inside their skate lines. This means there is less of a size difference between Medium to High Volume (Supreme to Nexus) and Low to Medium Volume (Vapor to Supreme). You have a wide range of options to ensure you receive the finest skate fit.

CCM hockey skates range up the volume profiles, allowing many width possibilities for each line.  This guarantees that you have several alternatives to make sure you’re receiving the ideal fit for you, just like Bauer.

  • CCM RibCor — Low Volume
  • CCM Jetspeed — Medium Volume
  • CCM Super Tacks — Medium – High Volume

Just because you could profile as a Medium Volume fit doesn’t stop you from wearing a Low Volume skate with a larger width. 

Every hockey player knows how vital it is to find the best ice skates. No matter the level of your skating ability, having the appropriate hockey skates may make all the difference when you go onto the ice. To help you make an informed choice, we’ll break down the fitting styles and technology of major skates in both brands to help you make the best choice for your game.

CCM Skates Sizing Guide

Bauer Vapor vs. CCM Ribcor

Picking a winner in the Bauer Vapor vs. CCM Ribcor contest is difficult. Both lines are intended to provide players with speed, significantly more powerful acceleration, and stop. They are ideal for players that prefer to play quickly and at high speeds.

However, small variations in the fit could aid in your decision. For instance, both lines are made to fit snugly, but the Vapor line will offer you a little more room around your toes, while the Ribcor’s snug fit with no voids and contoured design makes for the finest strides.

Also, both lines include flexible boots, but they all go about in various ways. Vapor has a taller boot and a low-cut, low-profile footbed.

Bauer Supreme vs. CCM Jetspeed

Bauer Supreme and CCM Jetspeed square off in this second match. Again, various people may choose differently depending on what they’re searching for in a hockey skate line. Both lines are typically intended for athletes that prefer aggressive play.

The Bauer Supreme is a better choice for people with wider feet and players like power forwards, grinders, and defensemen because it has a little larger design in comparison to the Jetspeed. The Jetspeed hockey skates fit snugly in the heels and provide a little more room in the ankles.

These lines have anatomical fits, more protection, and higher toe boxes. Players can get great power strides with these without sacrificing responsiveness because of their protection and stiffness.

Bauer Nexus vs. CCM Tacks

It’s not so easy determining a winner in the Bauer Nexus Vs. CCM Tacks battle. Both lines have many similar characteristics made for traditional two-way players. They bring improved responsiveness and better all-around play.

The Nexus line has the largest boot volume and width, making it perfect for players with wide feet or who prefer extra room in their boots. This skate is equally wide throughout the entire length of the foot.

The CCM Tacks are stiff and made for hockey players with high-profile feet. They deliver an anatomical, stiff fit with many volumes, but not as much as the Bauer Nexus skates.

Final Verdict

Comparing these two brands is difficult because they both offer a huge variety of types and customizations in their models to fit the skater’s unique demands and preferences. In the end, a lot of the decision is up to personal taste, and you should choose the option that best fits your foot.

Both Bauer and CCM are top-tier skate brands, so you can’t go wrong choosing one over the other. Choosing a winner in any category is difficult because everyone’s feet and demands are unique. The secret is choosing an option that works for your foot and game. 

The best ice skates for hockey will differ for each player depending on their skill level, playing style, amount of experience skating, frequency of skating, and budget. You might discover that a skate lower on our list better suits your skill set than our top option because skates have different qualities, and that’s fine. 

Thanks to the new Bauer Performance Fit System, you will have more alternatives with Bauer in terms of fit, allowing you to select a skate based on its features rather than your foot. Despite this, CCM still offers fantastic skates; the choice ultimately depends on your requirements.

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