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What is the Difference between Bauer’s Supreme, Vapor, and Nexus Ice Hockey Skates Series?

One of the most renowned brands in hockey since its founding in 1927 is Bauer Hockey, Inc. Since the early 2000s, Vapor and Supreme have been Bauer’s two main ice hockey skates lines. In 2012, Bauer introduced Nexus as their third major line.

There is a range of Bauer hockey skates for every level of skater, from beginner to pro. When comparing the Bauer Supreme, Vapor, and Nexus skate families, fit is everything. The Bauer Supreme hockey skate suits a more average foot, the Vapor hockey skate is excellent for narrow foot profiles, and the Nexus hockey skate is suggested for large foot profiles.

All three Bauer skate families include bakeable boot options for a more personalized fit. A low-volume skate that suits a narrower foot is the Bauer Vapor. With a conventional toe box, a slightly smaller forefoot, and a narrow fit in the ankle and heel region, Vapor skates have a tapered fit. Secondly, the Nexus skate has a wider profile and high-volume boot on the other side.

Thirdly, the Bauer Supreme hockey skates offer a medium fit. This gives it a more natural and typical anatomical fit in the toe and heel. If your foot is broad or narrow, we advise trying on the Bauer Nexus or Bauer Vapor. Try on the Bauer Supreme to compare the three and determine which hockey skate will suit your foot best. 

Using an inappropriate kit for your playing style may be quite damaging. Let’s look at what makes this fantastic gear lines different.

Difference between the three Bauer line of skates

Bauer Vapor ice Hockey Skates Fit

Hockey skates from the Bauer Vapor series combine the Classic Fit (Nexus) with the anatomical fit (Supreme). The Vapor skates have the same toe design as the classic fit skates. However, they come with a narrower fit from the heel to the toe than the classic fit skates.

These are superior to the Nexus series for players with narrow feet or who prefer a tighter fit around the ankle. They will suit the majority of foot forms and are designed for players that want high speed. The low-volume design makes pure performance possible as it removes extra space in the boot.

Bauer Supreme Ice Hockey Skates Fit

The Bauer Supreme hockey skate is designed for exceptional maximum speeds and acceleration on the ice. These boots have a close anatomical fit on your feet and are made for quick hockey players. They have a medium fit from the heel to the toe box.

Thanks to the design, your feet will be locked in place with no room to move throughout a game. The boots will gradually mold your foot perfectly. Sliding them on before each game feels like donning a glove!

The 2S Pro skates’ most distinguishing characteristic is their modest outward protrusions towards the top of the skate, which allow your ankle bones to fit comfortably and securely inside the skate. The athlete may always expand and get a complete stride thanks to the supreme skates.

Bauer Nexus ice Hockey Skates Fit

Traditionally, the Nexus skates boots are broad and offer a classic fit. These skates are made for athletes with wide feet. Also, it is perfect for those who want a more comfortable skate. The skate may wrap around the athlete’s foot and provide a smooth, natural glide thanks to the high-volume boot.

Bauer has discontinued the Nexus lineup, replacing it with different volume boots across the Supreme and Vapor lineups. The Nexus line lacked the top-tier technologies in the other two lines and was simply the wide skate lineup. With the change, you can get whichever top technology you’d like (Supreme or Vapor) in a wide EE foot profile!

For a long time, your feet decided what skates you wore. Today, what counts is how you skate and whatever improves your performance the most. You can select the skates most suited to your game style thanks to the ground-breaking BAUER PERFORMANCE SKATE FIT SYSTEM.

Top 5 Ice Hockey Skates Brand

What Brand Should I Buy?

Bauer and CCM have the largest market in the Ice Hockey niche. Coming after are Graf, True, and Botas. Several smaller companies and custom skate designers also make top-quality ice hockey skates. 

Regarding skates, the differentiating factors are fit, stiffness, and added features like removable blades, locking systems, etc. Realistically, there aren’t many differences between similar skate classes from different manufacturers. So, when choosing, find a pair within your fit, stiffness, and budget range. 

Do not be tempted to make choices based on the gear your favorite hockey players wear. You or your child’s feet are not the same as Bergeron’s or Crosby’s. You also skate differently and are not getting endorsement deals from any skate manufacturers. 


Remember, once you find a skate that fits your target budget and playing style, and is comfortable on your feet, go for it! No one is born perfect on the ice. It takes steady practice and, of course, a good-fitting pair of comfortable skates. 

So, if you want to improve as fast as possible, don’t concern yourself about the priciest skates or skating gear. Rather, invest your time in practice and skating tips. For more ice hockey skates tips and tricks, check out the rest of our guide section here on

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