American Football for Beginners: Complete Guide

American football is a renowned sport in the United States, Canada, and some other parts of the world. The game demands physicality where 11 players each from two teams contest on a rectangular field. 

An oval-shaped ball is used in this sport, and the goal is to score points by moving the ball to the opposition’s end zone. 

Here at Cleats Hub, we will enlighten you about the basics of the game, which is massively loved by many worldwide. 

How to score in American football? 

How to score in American football? 

The essential objective in American football is to outscore the rivals to get a win.

Nonetheless, there are different ways of scoring.

Touchdown (6 Points):

In football, touchdowns are the fundamental goal and yield the most highest point total. At the point when a player crosses the goal line of the other group and enters the end zone, they score a score.

Also, the football should be in the possession of players and must break the plane of the objective line. At the point when the ball breaks the plane on a run, a touchdown is scored by then.

Field Goal (3 Points):

At the point when the placekicker kicks the ball through the uprights, it’s a field goal. Even though it very well might be attempted without warning, fourth down is frequently when the ball is inside the rival’s 35-yard line when the attempt is made.

The length of a field goal is determined by adding 10 yards to the end zone’s distance and seven extra yards for the ball’s snap back to the holder at the line of scrimmage. This indicates that to determine the field goal length, add 17 yards to the line of scrimmage marker.

In the event that the football is on the 30-yard line, for instance, the field goal attempt would be 47 yards. 

Extra Point (1 Or 2 Points):

After a touchdown, you can score an extra point by kicking the ball through the uprights. Returning the ball to the end zone brings about two points, yet as it is more troublesome, teams groups decide to take one point all things considered.

Safety (2 Points):

When an offensive player is tackled by the defense behind their goal line, it’s called safety. In the event that a dropkick is impeded or dropped and it goes past the end zone of the kicking group, safety is likewise proclaimed.

Besides, when an offensive football crew commits a holding punishment in the end zone, safety may often be proclaimed.

Basic rules of American football 

Basic rules in American football
  • The game is played between two teams of eleven players, one of which is on the attack and the other on defense.
  • To score points, the object of the game is to move the ball into the rival group’s end zone by going for it or throwing it to a partner.
  • There are four downs, or chances, for each group to move the ball somewhere around 10 yards. Four additional downs to convey the ball are granted to them if they succeed.
  • If a group can’t move the ball 10 yards in four downs, it should punt the ball to the rival group or endeavor a field objective.
  • You can score with a field goal (worth three points) or a score (worth six points).
  • The game comprises four quarters, each enduring 15 minutes, with a halftime break following the subsequent quarter.
  • The side with the most points toward the finish of the game wins.
  • The game starts with an opening shot, and a play is called when the ref blows his whistle.
  • Calls for punishments might incorporate holding, pass impedance, and unlawful obstructing, to give some examples of the various infractions.
  • There are a few surfaces on which the game might be played, including indoor spaces, artificial turf, and genuine grass.

As stated in 2022 NFL Rulebook.

These fundamental rules are only a small portion of the various details and nuances that make up American football, which may make the game more intricate and strategic.  

What are the core scenarios in American football? 

What are the core scenarios in American football? 


The team that is in charge of the ball and pushing toward the other team’s end zone to score points is known as the offense in American football.

Furthermore, the eleven players on offense can be separated into two principal groups: the six backs and receivers, whose primary obligation is to move the ball down the field by either passing it or going for it.

Also, the five offensive linemen, whose primary obligation is to obstruct rivals and safeguard their quarterback.


Defense is the term for the group that begins a play from the line of scrimmage without having the ball. The defense group will probably hold the rival group back from scoring and deal with the ball for themselves.

In the meantime, the defense does this by catching a pass, causing an offensive mishandle, and recuperating it, preventing the offense from acquiring a first down and constraining them to dropkick, or, in more uncommon circumstances, forcing a turnover on downs.

Special Teams:

The troops on the field during kicking plays are known as special teams. Several specialized responsibilities are exclusive to the kicking game, even if many players who play on offensive or defensive squads also play comparable roles on special teams (defensive players to tackle, offensive lineman to block). 

The Field and Equipment

The field is rectangular, measuring 120 yards long and 53.3 yards wide. The field is demarcated by unique lines that are no wider than five inches. Also, the goal lines are the shorter lines and the touch lines are the longer boundary lines.

Secondly, there is a defined midway line in the middle of the playing field. A proper mark designates the field’s center, and a demarcated circle with a 9.15-meter radius surrounds it. 

Moreover, the sphere is the ball. Leather or other acceptable materials make up the outside casing.

Toward the start of the game, the ball’s weight should be somewhere in the range of 14 and 16 ounces. During the game, the ball will not be changed until the official gives the right.

Moreover, a player’s essential stuff comprises a shirt or pullover, shorts, stockings, shin protectors, and shoes. Shin protectors are built of a reasonable material, like elastic or plastic, and are totally covered by the stockings.

Also, the goalie is expected to wear colors that put him aside from different players and the official.

Positions in American football: 

There are numerous positions in American football, each with distinct duties and responsibilities. The key roles are listed below:  

  1. Quarterback (QB): The quarterback serves as the offensive coordinator and is in charge of calling plays, completing passes, and setting the team’s field position.  
  1. Running back (RB): The running back is accountable for moving the ball down the field and conveying it. They can likewise be used to get and obstruct passes.
  1. Wide receiver (WR): The wide receiver’s obligations incorporate gathering passes that the quarterback throws and moving down the field to acquire yardage. 
  1. Tight end (TE): The tight end is responsible for catching passes, blocking, and carrying the ball. He is a cross between an offensive lineman and a recipient.
  1. Offensive lineman (OL): The offensive lineman is accountable for guarding the quarterback and setting up the running back for the pass.
  1. Defensive lineman (DL): The defensive lineman is accountable for surging the quarterback and halting the run.
  1. Linebacker (LB): The linebacker’s obligations include covering receivers in the center of the field and halting the run. 
  1. Cornerback (CB): Covering the wide receivers and keeping them from getting passes is the cornerback’s liability.  
  1. Safety (S): Covering the profound piece of the field and helping with halting long throws and scores are the obligations of safety.

In addition to these roles, special teams jobs like kicker, punter, and kick returner additionally exist.

Top five players of American football 

Throughout, American football has created numerous extraordinary players; yet, I’m naming the main five as the best.

Jerry Rice: Known as the best wide receiver in NFL history, Rice has a few records, including the most number of career receiving yards, touchdowns, and catches.

Tom Brady: Considered the best quarterback in NFL history, Brady holds seven Super Bowl wins. In the meantime, he holds a few records, remembering the most throwing yards and touchdowns in a career.

Jim Brown: Brown is viewed as one of the best running backs in NFL history. He led the records in rushing yards in eight of his nine seasons and won three MVP grants. 

Lawrence Taylor: Taylor is viewed as one of the best defensive players in NFL history. He bagged two Defensive Player of the Year awards and two Super Bowls.

Joe Montana: Montana is one of the most outstanding quarterbacks in NFL history. He has won four Super Bowls and three MVP grants.

Players with Most Touchdown PAsses

RankPlayerTouchdown Passes
1Tom Brady649
2Drew Brees571
3Peyton Manning539
4Brett Favre508
5Aaron Rodgers475
6Philip Rivers421
7Dan Marino420
8Ben Roethlisberger418
9Matt Ryan381
10Eli Manning366
Data collected from thefootballdatabase

National Football League and Superbowl 

National Football League and Superbowl Overview

The Super Bowl is viewed as the zenith of American sports culture because of its mix of splendid football play, terrific halftime shows, and appealing advertising.

The National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl is challenged in January or February between the bosses of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference champions. Every year, an alternate city fills in as the game’s host.

Secondly, the day of the Superbowl has become an unofficial holiday for Americans. It involves viewing parties held in homes, taverns, and restaurants throughout the country.  

Since the inaugural Super Bowl, every game has been a sellout and a constant TV ratings leader. Numerous Super Bowls are ranked among the highest-rated athletic events ever telecast.   

Additionally, the halftime performance has established itself as a classic and attracts as much attention as the game. It is because of the captivating performances and top-notch musical lineup. 

Superbowl with Most Viewership in the History of NFL

1Super Bowl XLIX (2015)114.4 million
2Super Bowl XLVIII (2014)111.5 million
3Super Bowl L  (2016) 111.9 million
4Super Bowl XLVI  (2012)111.35 million
5Super Bowl LI (2017)111.32 million
6Super Bowl XLV (2011)111 million
7Super Bowl XLVII (2013)108.7 million
8Super Bowl XLIV (2010)106 million
9Super Bowl LII (2018)103.4 million
10Super Bowl LIV (2020)101.3 million
Data collected from Nielsen


To summarize, American football is a complicated, invigorating, and dynamic game. Success requires skill, planning, and collaboration.

Despite the fact that it could seem testing from the outset, dominating the essential language and guidelines is the initial step.

So get some popcorn, track down an agreeable spot on the couch, and prepare to root for your number one group.

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